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New Year, New Life (a.k.a. Moving to Australia)

I don’t write very much on this blog and I don’t like to dirt the Planet with my personal life, but this can have an impact on my participation to Mozilla, so here I am.

At the very beginning of the new year I’ll start my Ph.D. studies in Melbourne, Australia. This is a big move, since I’ll be away from both Italy and Europe in general, although it’ll be for just three years. I don’t plan for this move to change anything in my committment to Mozilla and the work I’m doing, apart from the fact that I won’t be able to organise and participate to events in Italy and I’ll probably have some problems coming to Mozcamps in Europe.
Besides these two things, I’ll continue my translation work and my work in the Mozilla Italia community. What I will be able to do on the other side, I hope, is to strengthen Mozilla’s presence in Australia. Melbourne is a big city with two important universities and I’m sure there will be plenty of occasions to organise interesting activities in town.

I don’t know how many Mozillians there are in Australia but I’d love to get in touch with you all guys if you’re reading me, especially if you’re from Melbourne. If you’ve never see them, I’ll bring a Firefox OS phone with me so you can play with it. I’m also planning to make it my main phone there, so I’ll be able to help with QA and bug reporting coming from a daily usage.
I also hope that, when I’ll have settled down, I’ll be able to help any Mozillian who’d like to come visiting or organising something.

Since it’s the 30th of December already (at least here in Italy), let me wish you all a happy new year!

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Hi, and welcome to Melbourne. 🙂 There are a few of us Mozillians in Melbourne – check Also make sure you sign up to the (currently pretty low traffic) community-australia mailing list.

Nicholas nethercote lives in Melbourne.

Ehi Iacopo, Mozillians exists for a reason 🙂

Do the search logged in, there are more results

Also check the Mozilla Reps project, and update your profile with at least the Skype account.

hi! you could also join #australia on irc 🙂

You’re right, I forgot about Mozillians. I checked the Reps website already, but it looks like I’ll be the only Rep in Australia.
Cameron: I’ll make sure to join the community-australia mailing list.

Cool! Which university will you be at?

Good luck with the move

I will soon be going you guys too.
No. of Mozillians in Aussie += 1

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