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Summit Santa Clara – Call for developers: ask questions!

First of all, this is my first post on the planet coming from my personal blog, so hello everybody!

Back on track. It’s still not quite clear to me how this’ll work, but we have Open Seesions planned for next week’s Summit, and I’m planning to host one with title “Ask a localiser”.
Basically, one of the problems that were raised at the Paris Summit Assembly is that developers and localisers are a bit disconnected, the ones not knowing the problems and the challenges of the others and vice versa. My goal is then to put in the same room developers and localisers and make them talk to each other.
Being a localiser myself, I’d like some developers to ask me questions beforehand so that I’ll have some ground to begin with during the session, and then we’ll let the discussion evolve from there. I’d also love if some other localisers would care to join the session so that developers will have the chance to hear from more of us, comparing our different workflows and our peculiar problems.
My hope for the session is to have at least five localisers and as many developers as possible so that we can raise awareness on the developers side to let them understand our needs and so help us with our work, and on the localisers side to let them understand what they can actually ask a developer to do and what is just not feasible, given their everyday problems.

So, developers: ask away! And localisers: start thinking about answers!

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